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Advocating Employee Justice In The Workplace

Spielberger Law Group is an employee advocate for those who have faced workplace injustice. Our practice is focused solely on representing those who have been wronged in the workplace and advocating for justice. We never represent corporations or employers because we only work for you.  It is important that potential clients know that every case is unique and that claims may expire with a statute of limitations, for this reason we always offer a free case evaluation.  Call us now today to discuss your potential claim.

Types of injustice in the workplace that we represent

Sexual Harassment *     Retaliation *     Wrongful Termination *    Whistleblower Actions *   

Discrimination in Age, Disability, Gender, Pregnancy, Race, Religion, and Sexual Orientation *  

Family & Medical Leave Act Claims (FMLA) *    Overtime/ Wage & Hour Disputes *    Severance Package Negotiation *    Hostile Work Environment *  Unemployment Benefit Appeals *

These are examples of types of employment matters we handle , we are not limited to these areas and we handle all types of workplace disputes. We understand this is a difficult time and you may be overwhelmed as to what your rights are, how to best protect them, and what your next step should be.  Your case is unique and we highly recommend you contact us for a free case evaluation. We will listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have.  Please call us or complete the form below.  


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